Imala Monochrome Tribal Flatweave Rug


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If you enjoy spending time at home with your family in the fresh air or love outdoor entertaining with friends, outdoor rugs can be a great addition to your outdoor living areas. While you might spend a lot of time finding the best outdoor furniture, outdoor rugs are often forgotten during the design process. Whether it’s for your covered deck, patio, or front entrance, outdoor rugs can give your space a cozy feeling and make it much more inviting. As with indoor rugs, outdoor rugs are great for adding style and texture and brightening up space with a splash of color. As well as making your outdoor areas look amazing and adding a personal touch, outdoor rugs can also define spaces and protect the surface underneath such as the patio floor from scuff marks caused by furniture or heavy foot traffic. Outdoor rugs can also make your decking, tiles, or other outdoor surfaces warmer and more comfortable to walk on. They can also look great under a table where they have the added benefit of catching any crumbs, or you might even want to take an outdoor rug with you on a picnic. 


There are several things to consider when choosing your outdoor rug including the size, shape, color, and style. You’ll need to pick something that works well in your outdoor space and complements your decor. If you have a narrow space, some hallway runner rugs are also suitable to use outdoors. Being outside and exposed to the elements, outdoor rugs can be prone to getting dirtier more quickly than indoor rugs so you must choose a suitable color and make sure your rug is made out of durable and long-lasting material. While pure white rugs can look beautiful indoors, they’re probably not the most practical color for outdoors, so you may find grey rugs or darker colored rugs may be more suitable. Many outdoor rugs are made out of synthetic materials such as PET fibers made from recycled plastic bottles or polypropylene. Constructed from man-made fibers, rugs such as polypropylene rugs are very low maintenance, stain-resistant, and hard-wearing making them a popular choice for outdoor spaces. You’ll need to keep these rugs away from intense heat though, like grills or fire pits, as polypropylene is highly flammable. They should also not be placed in direct sunlight as excessive exposure to the elements can cause the fibers to break down. These rugs are not recommended for areas that get completely saturated with water in wet weather either, so are best used under covered patios or porches.


How to maintain outdoor rugs?


Outdoor rugs are generally made from durable materials so they can better withstand the elements, but given they are kept outside they can be harder to keep clean than indoor rugs. If you are wondering how to maintain outdoor rugs, it is best to remove dirt and dust regularly by shaking out your rug. It’s also a good idea to occasionally sweep under your rug and if it is reversible, you may want to flip it over now and again so that it is evenly worn. You should also clean up any spills as soon as they happen to avoid staining. Ideally, you’ll want your outdoor rugs to be made with a durable fiber that washes easily or can be vacuumed. The best way to clean outdoor rugs will depend on what material your rug is made out of, and you’ll need to read any specific cleaning instructions provided with your rug. If you do wash your rug with water, you’ll need to make sure it is thoroughly dry before putting it back so you don’t encourage mold or mildew to grow. 


Where can I buy cheap outdoor rugs?


If you are wondering where the best place is to buy cheap outdoor rugs online is in the USA, at Miss Amara, we sell high-quality outdoor rugs that will add color and style to your outdoor spaces. Being a completely online business means we don’t have the upkeep of expensive showrooms so we can make our rugs very affordable. And we also provide free shipping of our rugs across the USA (excluding Hawaii or Alaska), so the price you see when you add your rug to your cart will be the total price you pay. Once you’ve paid for your order and it has been processed, we’ll send you an email with a tracking number so that you’ll know your rug is on the way.


At Miss Amara, we want to make sure you choose outdoor rugs that you will love so we have many options to help you. If you are having trouble deciding which rug will look best in your outdoor space, you can use our handy ‘See this in my room’ feature where you can load up a photo of the space you are planning to put your rug in, and through the use of augmented reality, we will superimpose the rug you have chosen into your space so you can see how it will look before you buy it. This feature is available for all our rugs. If you are finding it hard to decide which rug will work best for you, we have professional stylists on hand to help those who can provide you with free expert advice. All you need to do is send us some photos of your outdoor space or room where you will be using the rug, an idea of your tastes, and any features that you require your rug to have. Our stylists will then send you back a selection of rugs chosen especially for you. Our styling service is free, and if you don’t find your dream rug, you are under no obligation to buy. 


We know buying a rug is not something you do every day and we want to make sure you find one that you love. This is why we offer risk-free returns. Once your rug has been delivered so you can see, touch and feel it, if you’re not completely in love with it, you can return it to us for a full refund. And even better, wherever you’re located in the USA we’ll pay for the delivery back to our warehouse. As well as outdoor rugs, at Miss Amara, we sell both modern and traditional rugs for every room of your home. Whether you need kitchen rugsliving room rugsdining room rugs, or laundry rugs, we have all your floor covering needs covered. If you have any questions about our outdoor rugs or any other rugs in our collection, get in touch with us via the live chat button (that you’ll see at the bottom right of this page). If it’s during business hours you can chat with us in real-time (and you’ll find we’ll often be available outside of business hours too!) You can also email us at hello@missamara.com. Browse our entire collection of stylish rugs online today!