A Beginner's Guide to Rug Hooking

Rug hooking is a craft that involves pulling pieces of fabric or yarn through a foundation material like burlap, monk's cloth, or linen using a special hook. 


Crochet for Your Home: Curtains, Décor, Rugs, and More!

Crochet is similar to knitting or lace-making because it's also a needlework craft. Instead of knitting needles, it uses a crochet hook as its main tool along with some sort of fiber to make the product.


Removing Pet Odors and Stains From Rugs

We love our pets, but they do leave behind some pesky stains and odors. Even if you have a pet-friendly rug, you still might have some lingering odors to deal with.


Interior Design Elements: All About Color

When the first cave dweller discovered that they could make different colored paint pigments by mixing various berries, humans have used color to fully express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Colors are strongly tied to memory and emotion. 

Living Green: From Sustainable Interior Design Ideas to Eco-Friendly Rugs and More

The materials used in interior design can have a huge carbon footprint. By making sustainable choices, a person can minimize their environmental impact. How a person shops and what they buy impacts the environment. That's why making thoughtful decisions about purchases is important.

The Origins of Tribal Rugs

The urge to make a home beautiful and comfortable is common across all civilizations, and nomadic tribes were no different. Rugs were initially made to cover the floors of tents, to help keep sand out and make for a more comfortable place to walk, sit, pray, and sleep. The rugs were made to be durable, and that durability is one reason why they continue to be popular today.

Traditional Moroccan Art & Culture

For the most part, Morocco is classified into two components: Arab and Berber which are the two main languages and people present throughout Moroccan history. These cultures have their own distinct languages, art, and design, but in Morocco, these two ideals are melded together to create the traditions of the country today.

Create Your Own Rug: DIY Weaving Loom Basics

During the Neolithic period, looms were invented by humans looking to make sturdier cloth. The warp-weighted loom was the first successful loom. Primitive versions of this type of loom have been found in a variety of places worldwide. Using a loom is a shared human experience throughout history. 

A Guide to Rug Tufting

Accomplish these bold looks by using just a few simple materials: a rug tufting gun or punch needle, rug backing materials, and yarn but they came together to create something new and unique. 

Home Modifications and Safe Floor Coverings for Fall Prevention

One out of every three people aged 65 or older falls every year in the United States. These falls are the leading cause of injuries, both fatal and nonfatal, in senior citizens. Many of these falls and injuries occur in the home. It's important that seniors and their families take precautions and make modifications to make the home safer for the older adults who live there. 

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