The addition of an 8x10 outdoor rug is a great way to make your balcony, garden, or patio feel more homely.

At Miss Amara, we have various unique services using which you can easily find the best outdoor rug. We offer a "Free styling advice" service in which you can share some pictures of the space with us. Our team of experts will assess the space and get back to you with a list of options that will fit perfectly in the space. If you have any special requirements, you can add them along with the images, and our team would curate the list based on your requirement. You can send us the images through the live chat feature, or you can also e-mail us at


Are outdoor rugs waterproof?


Most outdoor rugs are not waterproof, but they may be water-resistant. These rugs absorb less water and can also dry a lot faster when compared to indoor rugs. Because of these characteristics, they can be left outside even in the rain, and it won't create any issues. But if the weather is turning worse, it is always a good idea to bring it indoors. This way, you can increase the life of the rug. If the 8x10 outdoor rug does get soaked, ensure that you hang it up to dry immediately. It will protect the rug from mildew and mold. 


How to maintain outdoor rugs? 


Once you have created a comfortable environment for your porch or patio, the next step is to ensure that it stays in good shape. Most people remember to clean the chairs and tables, but 8x10 outdoor rugs get overlooked. But the good news is that outdoor rugs require little maintenance, and if you can do it regularly, you can get the most life out of your 8x10 outdoor rug. Let us look at a few tips to help you with the maintenance.

The first tip is to store the rug when it is not in use. If your outdoor space will be covered in snow for a few months, it is a good idea to store it inside. If you lack storage space, you can roll it up and cover it with a plastic painting tarp. You can prop it in a corner without any worry about damage. 

The next tip is to clean it as soon as there is a spill. Use a dry cloth and blot it over the spill. Do not rub too hard, or you might accidentally push the liquid further into the fibers. If it is a large spill, you can also use a garden hose to rinse the rug. Even if there are no spills, ensure that you vacuum the rugs at least once a month. It will prevent the dirt from setting into the fibers and limit the ability for mold to grow. The third tip is to dry it in sunlight after a wash. You can also flip it so that both sides dry thoroughly. 

The final tip is to remove moss regularly. Outdoor rugs are resistant to mold, but they can still grow moss and algae if left to dry in damp and humid weather. You can use bleach to kill the moss, but it is not the most environmentally friendly option. If you have children or a pet, you can use a diluted vinegar-water mixture and brush to scrub the rug.


Are 8x10 outdoor rugs worth it?


8x10 outdoor rugs are a brilliant choice for families who want to extend their living space and make the best use of their outdoor environment. Even if your home is small, you can create an outdoor space that is warm and inviting. 

As mentioned before, 8x10 outdoor rugs are resistant to stains from mud and dirt. They do not become soggy when they are exposed to rain and are resilient against mold and mildew. Hence, they are perfect for outdoor use.

One of the many benefits of outdoor rugs is that they can protect the floor from damage. If you have good quality outdoor flooring, you will want to protect it. Decks and tiles can easily become worn out over time when people walk over them or are exposed to wind and rain. Outdoor rugs are a great way to prevent this from happening.

Another advantage of outdoor rugs is that they are made in dark colors like black, grey, and navy blue. It is perfect for outdoors where there is more dirt and mud. You can use them without worrying about coating them with stains. The darker colors will hide the little bits of dirt, and so your rug will continue to look fresh and new. 

While outdoor rugs are meant to be used outside, it doesn't mean that you can't use them inside. For example, outdoor rugs can be an excellent choice for your kitchen, where food crumbs and water splashes are a daily challenge for most rugs. 


Where can I buy 8x10 outdoor rugs?


If you are looking to buy 8x10 outdoor rugs, Miss Amara is the best option. Our goal is to ensure that you have the best possible shopping experience. To achieve this, we have various features and services. We have a wide variety of rugs, and you can choose them based on style, color, shape, etc. Some of the most popular styles are jute rugs, braided rugs, Moroccan rugs, etc. If you are looking for colors, we have a multi-color rug that can bring a unique look to your space. If you want to keep it simple and elegant, you can also select our solid colored rugs like pink rugs, white rugs, and grey rugs. Apart from 8x10 outdoor rugs, we also have 5 by 7 rugs, 9x12 rugs, 4x6 rugs, etc. 

Besides having a wide product variety, we also offer some fantastic services. We have a "Try it at home" feature that can be used by people who are confused between two rugs. They can order an outdoor rug and have it delivered to their homes. If they feel that it does not fit right, they can place a return request for that rug and order the other one. If the rug is in good condition, we will offer you a full refund. The best part about this service is that it is free.

Once you place an order, you will get a confirmation mail, and it will take anywhere between 1 to 2 business days for the product to be shipped. We also provide a tracking link with which you can know the order's status in real-time. We accept payments through visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Afterpay, etc. If the product gets damaged during transit, you can reach out to us through live chat or e-mail, and our customer support team will resolve the issue immediately. 

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